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Born in Verbania in 1984, the same period her father, Maestro Luca Sbernini, had just begun to take off with his career, winning the most important luthiers competitions

Since an early age she showed deep interest in drawing and woodwork. She never abandoned the art but considered it a hobby. In 2008 she graduates with honors in Molecular Biology.

Adele’s manual skills are recognized and encouraged by everyone, this pushes her to try to build at least one violin. From that moment on she recognizes she has found her calling and embarks on a long training in her father’s workshop. Here she learns construction and more importantly restoration techniques of string instruments.

From 2011 she works occasionally in Maestro Dario Segala workshop.

In 2012 she attends the master program “cooking oil-based varnishes” taught by François Perego and organized by Maestro Luca Primon.


In 2012 she officially opens her own business as a violin maker in Verbania, Italy.

In 2015 she participates in the international competition “Triennale Internazionale di Liuteria Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona, achieving a good placement.

In 2016 she enters “A.L.I” the Italian professional violin makers association.

The extensive practice in restoration allows Adele to observe details and workmanship, fine tuning her awareness and taste. She understands through this, the importance of wood cuts, and the care for details both aesthetically and structurally.

She’s not afraid of experimenting with new models, in constant search for new curves and new construction methods. She believes in the importance of adapting to every piece of wood pursuing excellence at every step.

Violin Maker Adele Sbernini

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  • Via de Luigi 1 28823 Cargiago Ghiffa VB Italia
  • +39 3315095877
  • info@adelesbernini.com
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